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Founded in 1957, Same Location since 1962

Our ability to provide timely and convenient service to the client is due to our major investment in technology; computer hardware, software and the knowledge and training of the staff members.

Our job requires special people who are willing to dedicate themselves 100% during Tax Season. Not everyone can make the commitment it requires. Read about our Semicentennial, 50 Year Anniversary back in 2007, see the two page newspaper story here.

What Is Your Time and
Peace of Mind Worth?

  • Our processes have been continuously updated over the last 65 years!

    Although our clients spend a short amount of time being interviewed, the various staff involved collectively devote on average 5.5 to 7.5 hours to complete the finalizing and filing of each tax return processed through this office.

  • Our firm was computerized before the Alabama Department of Revenue!

    Our Founder, Al LaGrone made his own software program that would check for red flags for IRS audits. He leased time on an IBM 1401 and an IBM 360 MOD 30, then later, an IBM 360 MOD 65 from Boeing in Huntsville.

  • Our goal and objectives have remained the same from the outset!

    We endeavor to prepare and file your tax returns with the least amount of tax liability allowed under the law (the correct amount of tax), while requiring a minimum amount of your time. We will focus on matters of importance, and entirely avoid issues that are not relevant to your specific circumstances.

Helping Clients for Over 65 Years


Bara Business Founded 1957

How The Firm Name Evolved Over The Years

In December 1994, Greg purchased the practice from retiring founder, Al LaGrone. Due to state regulations governing Greg's CPA license, the firm name was changed from Bara Business Service to Cook & LaGrone during the transition. LaGrone continued to work with the firm until his death in March 1996. State regulations required that the LaGrone name be dropped from the firm two years after his death, so in 1998 the firm was registered as Cook and Company.

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This business is older than I am ...

and when you've been around this long, there's a lot to learn about us on the internet.

Gregory J. Cook, EA, CPA


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