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The Keys to Fast

First, external resources required to render the page, like cascading stylesheets and javascripts must be few and small in size.

For this page, the browser calls on one css file that is 22KB in size and one js file that is 9KB in size. Two font files are also called, and both are served from my server instead of Google.

100 PageSpeed Score

100 PageSpeed Score

Secondly, any images used on the webpage must be optimized. I took a screenshot of my pagespeed score, cropped it down to 752x674 and saved it as a jpg file. The original size of the image was 77.5KB. I then ran it through an online compression engine set to 65% (think clarity) and reduced the size to only 38.5KB.

Attention to Images is Critical

For any images below the fold of your webpage, always add loading="lazy" in the property string. This will tell the browser not to download the image until the visitor scrolls down the page and brings it into view.

GTmetrix details

The image above did not increase the page load time at all when I added it. Now, I realize that many of you are thinking that this page is so simple that it sacrifices too much in order to acheive the perfect speed score.

I agree! But I also really like clean and simple. A lot.

More later. I have a 7 year old granddaughter spending the night and wants to play!

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